Monday, 8 November 2010

Budget Time. How Telematics & Vehicle Tracking Can Deliver Huge Savings & Efficiencies

It's that time of the year again - fleet managers up and down the country are putting together their budgets for the coming year. As we reveal in our latest press release, iBox Technology is helping companies of all sizes achieve significant savings. Here's an extract:
A whole range of clients have benefited from using iBox Technology's innovative products. These include:

- a small west country company, running a fleet of six, two-man vehicles, whose costs were slashed by an instant £8 per man, per day (£2,000 a month), by using iBox’s Trac-mate device.

- a large, urban local authority, who have been able to monitor and manage their fleet of 50 waste disposal trucks and street-cleaning vehicles, potentially saving hundreds of man hours - and tens of thousands of pounds - in the process.

- a large, 3PL provider who have used iBox’s Tele-mate device to slash their communications and phone costs as well as optimising shift patterns and highlighting driving issues within part of its 1,200 strong fleet.

“A lot of fleet managers are talking to us at this time of the year as they put together their budgets for the coming twelve months. Whatever the specifics of their fleet, there are areas where each of them can make cost and efficiency savings,“ says iBox Technology director, Steve Green.

“Whether it’s improving their trucks’ fuel efficiency via our Eco-Mate or streamlining their communication and task mangement systems via our Tele-Mate or Task-Manager, we’ve got the technology to help. And in these cost-conscious time we can make the difference between going places or going under.”

iBox Technology - Budget Time. How Telematics & Vehicle Tracking Can Transform Fleet... - MyNewsdesk

Friday, 29 October 2010

‘Task Manager’ System Delivers Big Benefits To Fleet Managers

Just issued a news release on our successful Task Manager facility.

The system, which comes as standard in each of iBox’s range of tracking ‘Mates’ and works in conjunction with a standard Garmin Sat-Nav, allows fleet managers to remotely update their vehicles with new or amended job details.

The system is remarkably simple - and efficient. As soon as the driver receives the new or amended job details - and presses ‘accept’ on the Sat Nav - he or she is given the updated destination and route details. The fleet manager is then able to track the progress of the vehicle and the new task via the iBox ‘Timeline’ display, which as well as showing the vehicle’s location, generates an Estimated Time of Arrival that is constantly updated according to traffic conditions.

“The Task Manager system brings several benefits to the fleet manager,“ said iBox Technology director Steve Green. “First and foremost, it removes the need for the fleet manager and driver to be exchanging telephone calls, something that can be hit and miss at the best of times. The manager can amend and add to the scheduled jobs remotely, without having to speak to the driver. And they can do that at any time of the day or night,” says Green.

The system dovetails perfectly with IBox Technology’s other features, in particular its Timeline display, which shows the progress of all vehicles within the fleet on a single screen. “Thanks to the Timeline display, this system allows the manager to monitor the progress of tasks, right down to the driver’s ETA at the client. This also means that the manager can be in direct contact with the client, keeping them up to date with the driver’s progress. It brings a huge improvement in efficiency and communication and helps put the customer’s mind at ease.”

“It’s proving a real hit with our clients, especially 3PL providers,” said Green. “It’s also got significant potential benefits in sectors such as the service industry. So, for instance, a client who has requested a maintenance or service specialist can be kept up to date with precise details about their ETA.”
iBox Technology - New ‘Task Manager’ System Delivers Big Benefits To Fleet Managers - MyNewsdesk

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Praise in the Press for iBox Technology's Telematics Systems

drainInteresting piece about one of our clients, UKDN, in the WalesOnline business section. UKDN - or the UK Drainage Network, to give them their full name - are a fast-expanding company specialising in drainage jobs of all sizes, from domestic blockages to contracts with water companies. UKDN boss Bob Gallagher told Wales Online that their success was, in part, down to their use of technology. And he singled out iBox technology as a key contributor. He said: 

“Using cost-saving technology like “no dig” techniques with materials provided by ER Solutions, through to directing the nearest vehicle to the nearest job by way of a state-of-the-art telematics tracker system supplied and fitted by
IBOX technology are innovations that help reduce our costs. It means the savings are passed through to our customers and wherever the drainage incident is managed from, customers can be assured that the very latest drainage techniques are being employed to minimise the cost, inconvenience and ensure completion on time.”

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

New Version of iBox technology's 'live' Can-bus winning orders

Sales of our unique 'live' Can-bus device are exceeding our expectations. Customers are telling us that they like the fact it delivers 'today's data - today'. Steve Green has talked about it in detail in a new Press Release. He says: 

“As far as we aware, ours is the only system that gives you live data, connecting the cab to the manager’s office in real time. With our live interface it’s all there for you. If you click on the icon or link for a particular vehicle it will show you the fuel consumption, total fuel used, the average speed, its location, everything you need to know.

A transport manager can take a look at this and see, for instance, that a driver has made six harsh braking manoeuvres in the space of half an hour. He can ring the driver up immediately to find out if there’s a problem.

It still gives the fleet manager the option of generating a weekly report and will provide him or her with a plethora of information. But the difference is that, rather than waiting for the start of a new week to analyse last week’s data, we provide immediate information. We provide today’s data, today.”

Read about it in more detail here

Friday, 20 August 2010

iBox technology launch the 'Telemate'

Just released details of our exciting, new product, the 'Telemate'. Here’s what the Press Release says:

This innovative device removes the need for drivers to use mobile phones and allows seamless and safe communication between vehicles and their Fleet Managers.

The device has been designed and launched by iBox technology in response to consumer demand and combines a standard Garmin Sat-Nav, Can-bus with a mobile phone and remotely updated phone book. The phone answers automatically when called and drivers can speed dial any one of up to fifty numbers that are remotely input to the box.

iBox technology director Steve Green says the new device has a number of advantages.

“The beauty of this system is that communication between the driver and his office becomes safe and seamless. The office will upload all the key numbers the driver needs, from the manager’s number to tyre companies, garages and the emergency services. It can also have the driver’s home number in case he needs to make emergency calls. All calls are hands free, so it is much safer and time efficient. Rather than fishing around for a mobile phone, finding and punching in numbers, the driver has to do very little beyond pressing a button or two for an outgoing call,” said Green.

“In addition, anyone who has the Telemate’s number will be able to call in to the cab. So, for instance, if a client is awaiting a delivery, they can call the vehicle with any important information,” said Green. “Equally, if a family member needs to make an urgent private call to the driver, they can do so.”

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Friday, 6 August 2010

Meet The Ultimate Executive Assistant - The Sat-Nav PA

Ever feel lost without your PA? Ever wish he or she could be running your life wherever you are?

A Midlands businesswoman is pioneering a unique, new executive tool that may provide a solution -  a sophisticated, Sat-Nav PA built into her car‘s dashboard.

Like many top executives, Diane Williams, Operations Director of  the Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce, leads a hectic and meeting-filled week. New appointments are constantly being added - or removed - from her diary by her PA, often while Dianne is tied up in other meetings. As a result she is constantly relying on her office-based assistant to phone, text or email her with details of where she needs to be next - and when.

In an attempt to simplify her life, Dianne agreed to trial a new device by innovative UK telematics and fleet management company iBox technology.

iBox specialise in providing fleet managers with live data on their vans, trucks and lorries. Their boxes deliver a mass of live information - from a vehicle’s location and speed, to its fuel consumption, load weight and even its driver’s braking habits. They also allow a two-way communication between the vehicle and the office.

iBox adapted a special version of their Trac-Mate device for Williams, integrating it into her car’s Sat Nav. The device allowed her  PA to track her exact whereabouts - as well as her mileage, start and stop times and speed - as she got on with her week’s work. It even provided a ‘snail trail’ of where she had been that week.

Crucially, however, it also allowed two way communication and task scheduling between her PA’s computer and the in-car device so that whenever Dianne climbed into the driver’s seat and switched on the ignition, she knew where her next meeting was and what time she needed to be there.

Dianne was delighted with the impact the device had on her working life. “I’m in and out of the office all the time, going to lots of meetings, not usually that far from each other. I will often have my telephone off so if the next meeting is cancelled or there is a change of destination I may not pick that information up,” she explained.

“Even if you have your Blackberry it takes time to get the details of a change of location. You then have to go to a map website and get directions. It can slow you down.”

The iBox device transformed her working life.

“It was like having my PA in the car. She was able to manage my diary remotely. It left me free to focus on the things that are important, not be distracted by the worry of where I had to be and how I was going to get there,” she said. “I would switch on my ignition and the device would tell me where I was going next and tell me how to get there. It was a very efficient way of managing my time.”

Dianne believes devices like this have a number of benefits. “Nobody is carrying any fat in their staffing at the moment. If you put too much pressure on too few people you are going to have problems. You have to help them manage their time and provide them with access to information quickly. This allows you to achieve that,” she said.

“Secondly, there is a safety and security issue for women. As a woman going out all the time, this allows people to know where I am. I felt safer when I had this in my car. It also has real benefits from a corporate responsibility point of view. As a company, you are more able to protect your staff,” she said. “I’d thoroughly recommend this kind of technology for all sorts of businesses.”

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