Friday, 20 August 2010

iBox technology launch the 'Telemate'

Just released details of our exciting, new product, the 'Telemate'. Here’s what the Press Release says:

This innovative device removes the need for drivers to use mobile phones and allows seamless and safe communication between vehicles and their Fleet Managers.

The device has been designed and launched by iBox technology in response to consumer demand and combines a standard Garmin Sat-Nav, Can-bus with a mobile phone and remotely updated phone book. The phone answers automatically when called and drivers can speed dial any one of up to fifty numbers that are remotely input to the box.

iBox technology director Steve Green says the new device has a number of advantages.

“The beauty of this system is that communication between the driver and his office becomes safe and seamless. The office will upload all the key numbers the driver needs, from the manager’s number to tyre companies, garages and the emergency services. It can also have the driver’s home number in case he needs to make emergency calls. All calls are hands free, so it is much safer and time efficient. Rather than fishing around for a mobile phone, finding and punching in numbers, the driver has to do very little beyond pressing a button or two for an outgoing call,” said Green.

“In addition, anyone who has the Telemate’s number will be able to call in to the cab. So, for instance, if a client is awaiting a delivery, they can call the vehicle with any important information,” said Green. “Equally, if a family member needs to make an urgent private call to the driver, they can do so.”

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