Thursday, 19 May 2011

To Russia With Love - How iBox Helped Track A Truck To Chernobyl & Back

On Track: The Chernobyl 2000 convoy on its way to Belarus.

We are always hearing about unusual applications of our tracking equipment and leading hire company Watts Van and Truck have told us about one of the most extraordinary yet.

Back in April, Watts' Gloucester depot fitted our vehicle tracking equipment to a brand, new £80,000 demo DAF articulated truck that was destined for Russia, well, Belarus to be precise, and the area around Chernobyl, scene of the devastaing nuclear reactor accident back in 1986.

Watts had generously loaned the truck to Chernobyl 2000, a Worcestershire based charity who run humanitarian aid convoys to Belarus each year.

Watts were happy to provide their vehicle to the charity, but understandably they wanted to be sure it was secure as it made the 1,300 or so mile journey through eastern Europe. So they fitted an iBox technology ‘Trac Mate’ to the cab, allowing them to track it every mile of the way. It gave them the peace of mind they needed while the valuable vehicle was out of their sight. And it allowed the charity to get on with their important work.  

As the charity explained: “Belarus was the country most affected by the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. Many of us remember the name Chernobyl but few of us realise how it has changed the lives of so many, even those who weren't born when it happened. Between sixty and seventy five percent of this fallout landed on Belarus making them the worst affected country. One fifth of the land mass of Belarus was contaminated beyond recommended levels and 99% of the land is still contaminated to some degree. The people of Belarus live, eat, drink and breathe radiation.” 

The convoy made it to Belarus delivering a large supply of clothes, toys and other items to children and families there. It arrived safely back in the UK at the end of April. We are quietly proud of our involvement in the project and are delighted it all went well. To visit the charity's website click here.

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