Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Meet The iBox Technology ‘Mates’ Vehicle Tracking Range: No 1 - The Trac-Mate

The iBox ‘Mates’ range provides innovative fleet management solutions designed to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer service. Here’s the first part of our guide to the six most popular devices currently on offer:


Our hugely popular, entry-level tracking device provides a range of key functions that enable the fleet manager to efficiently track and analyse vehicle movements. It also allows the tracking of anciliary equipment, such as cranes or lifts.

Auto-reporting makes it easy to produce detailed breakdowns of vehicle performance and efficiency, enabling managers to plan and budget their fleet’s activity.

Trac-Mate can also be combined with a Garmin SatNav which includes free two way messaging .

Features include: 

Live web based .
Snail trail
Full auto reports in csv , pdf and excel
Self-sufficient power so doesn’t drain vehicle battery
Compatible with standard Garmin Sat nav.
Able to monitor vehicle ancillary equipment ( cranes, lifts etc)
Geo-fencing including polygon
Auto alerts in sms or e mail format
Find nearest vehicle function

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