Thursday, 3 March 2011

Vehicle Telematics Key To Keeping Track of Fleet Staff Safety

The first conviction in the UK under new corporate manslaughter legislation has given fleet managers a sharp reminder of the importance of keeping their staff, vehicles and equipment safe.

As Fleet News this week reported, a company called Cotswold Geotechnical Holdings was found guilty of the death of a 27-year-old geologist named Alex Wright, who died in September 2008 when a trench in which he was working collapsed. The firm was fined  £385,000 - 116% of its annual turnover - for the crime. 

The conviction is being viewed as a real warning shot to companies who are lax in meeting their health and safety obligations.  
“This conviction and the penalty handed down by the court should make less safety conscious firms – both large and small – sit up and think,” said Roger Bibbings, RoSPA’s occupational safety adviser in the wake of the ruling. "Those who can reassure themselves that their health and safety management systems are effective have nothing to fear.”
David Faithful, lawyer for Essential Risk Consultancy, told Fleet News: “Despite years of warnings, many companies are still woefully under-protected when it comes to managing driver risk.

All this goes to underline the important duty of care all transport and logistics company's face. And it reinforces the role that telematics can play in helping them achieve this. 

At ibox technology, our range of 'mates' can help fleet managers track key pieces of data, from drivers' working patterns to break times while also monitoring their driving behaviour via analytics such as harsh braking patterns. It all adds to the fleet manager's toolbox of controls when it comes to exercising a duty of care over his or her drivers.  

"Every transport company, no matter how big or small, has a legal responsibility to its staff and this new legislation makes that duty an even greater one," said ibox technology's director, Steve Green. 

"So the more information our tracking devices can provide them in terms of where their staff are located, how long they have been at work, whether they are taking proper breaks and driving responsibly, the more chance fleet managers have to fulfil that responsibility properly." 

Contact iBox for more details about how our 'mates' can help you improve and monitor health and safety in your company.  

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